she had never been so unhappy before

● Fill in each blank with a suitable word to tát complete the following passage

Freddy liked to tát go the countryside to tát draw animals and plants. Ne day, while(1)____across a field, looking for rabbits to tát draw, he was ví lost in thought that he did not (2)______a bull running towards him. About a hundred meters (3)____ was a tree under which he usually sat to tát draw. Suddenly, he heard a (4)______ noise behind him. It was the bull! He knew that a bull could lập cập much(5)_____ than thở a man, but he also knew that a bull could not see very (6)_____and noticed only shape and movement. To distract the bull, he threw his bag away (7)______ him. The bull saw the sudden movement and headed for the bag. Freddy quickly climbed (8)______ the tree and watched the bull attack his bag. (9)_____ the bull was satisfied and had gone away, he got down from the tree and ran(10)______ fast as he could. Everything in the bag was completely ruined.

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●Complete the sentences below. Use the prepositions in the box.

after at between by during

for in on since until

1. Mr. Thanh isn't here at the moment. He'll be back ___ a few minutes.

2. We were at the seaside _____ two weeks.

3. I haven't seen Liz _____ Monday.

4. Mrs. Nhung has gone away. She's been away ___ Friday.

5. Where's Trang? She should be here ______ now.

6. There are usually a lot of parties ____ New Year's eve.

7. Can I meet you ______ 8 am and 9 am?

8. We met a lot of people _____ our holiday.

9. Ten o'clock is a bit early. We should come ____ that.

10. They don't lượt thích traveling ____ night.

●Write sentences with "wish"

1. Our classroom doesn't have any windows.

2. The sun isn't shining right now.

3. The teacher is going to tát give us an exam tomorrow.

4. Lan doesn't know how to tát make a cake.

5. We live in a small flat in the thành phố.

6. Please don't say things lượt thích that.

7. I can't go with you to tát the countryside next weekend.

8. Nam is too young to tát ride a motorbike.

9. My aunt and her children are not coming to tát dinner with us tonight.

10. You are always forgetting your homeworks.

● Read the passage and answer the questions that follow

The tiny village og Frinley is said to tát possess a "cursed tree". Because the tree was mentioned in a newspaper, the number of visitors to tát Frinley has now increased. The tree was planted near a church fifty years ago, but it is only in recent years that it has gained an evil reputation. It is said that if anyone touched the tree, he will have bad luck, if he picks a leaf, he will die. Many villagers believe that the tree has already claimed a number of victims. The vicar has been asked to tát have the tree cut down, but ví far he has refused. He has pointed out that tree is a useful source of income as tourists have come from all parts of the country to tát see it. In sprite of all that has been said, the tourists have picked leaves and cut their names on the tree-trunk. So far not one of them has been truck down by sudden death!

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1. Where and when was the tree planted?

2. What has the tree got in recent years?

3. What will happen to tát a man if he touches the tree?

4. Why is the tree a useful source of income?

5. Are the visitors afraid of what has been said about the tree?

●Combine the sentences below, using the words in brackets.

1. The movie was boring. We went home page before it finished.(so)

2. Mai opened the door. Mai greeted the guests.(and)

3. We started the trip very early. We reached the village before noon.(so that)

4. Liz saw some wild ducks. Liz was resting under a tree.(while)

5. Hoa is very sick. She can't sit up.(so...that)

6. Ba felt tired and hungry. Lan felt tired and hungry.(so)

7. We enjoyed the fresh air in the countryside. We enjoyed the food thete.(both)

8. The water is very cold. We can't swim in it.(too)

9. Peter didn't have money to tát buy a bus ticket. He had to tát walk home page.(so)

10. Mr. Parker feeds the chicken. He collects their eggs.(not only...-but also)

● Put the words in order to tát make meaningful sentences

1. wanted/clearly/the front line/the President/we/so/to see/stood/in/we.

2. holiday/she/in/wishes/Nha Trang/spend/next summer/her/Liz/could.

3. return/twice/they/home/least/a month/town/to usually/at/their.

4. started/after/pleasant/the countryside/home/day/a/to go/in/they/having.

5. people/mountain resorts/some rest/hard-working/many/go to/to have/a/after/week.

6. the capital/80 kilomerters/home village/about/the north-east/is/of/to/my.

7. hours/boat/got/main/after/traveling/to/island/three/by/the/we.

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8. some minutes/a tree/tired/the man/and/he/and/for/felt/hungry/so/slept/under/sat down.

9. stay/until/September/uncle/with/the end/my/will/of/us.