would you mind turning down the tv


91. “How fashionable a pair of trainers you have!” - “_____

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A. Do you want to lớn know where I bought them? B. Thanks for your compliment.

C. I know it’s fashionable. D. Yes, of course.

92. “What can I vì thế for you?” - “_____”

A. No need to lớn help. B. Thank you.

C. Thanks, I’m just looking. D. Sorry for not buying anything.

93. “How was the game show last night?” - “____”

A. It showed at 8 o'clock.

B. Just talking about it.

C. I think it wasn't a good game.

D. Great. I gained more knowledge about biology.

94. “What did the meeting discuss? I didn’t attend it because of traffic jam.” - “ ____”

A. I didn’t, either. B. That was great.

C. You missed the meeting. D. I’m sorry, I can’t.

95. “I've called many times but the plumber hasn’t come yet.” - “ ____”

A. Wait a minute, please.

B. We vì thế apologise for this matter. We’ll fix it soon.

C. He's maybe busy now.

D. The problem has been fixed already.

96. “ Would you lượt thích to lớn have a picnic with us on the weekend?” - “ ____”

A. Yes, I'd love to lớn. B. You’re welcome. C. Of course not. D. It’s my pleasure.

97. “Have a good day, Peter!” - “____”

A. Thanks. The same to lớn you. B. It’s really a good day.

C. The weather is fine. D. Just a little bit cold.

98. “Which one will you purchase, yellow dress or xanh xao one?” - “____”

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A. I don't lượt thích, either. B. They’re suitable for you.

C. It’s up to lớn my choice. D. I prefer the xanh xao.

99. “What’s the deadline of our assignment?” - “____”

A. I am not sure. B. We have to lớn submit it by Friday 12.

C. About 1 hour. D. We will write about the environment.

100. “Don’t touch the subjects on display, Nam.” - “____”

A. Ok, let u touch. B. That’s right.

C. Sorry, I don’t know. D. I agree with you, it’s a rule.

101. "Why vì thế you lượt thích pop music?” - “____”

A. Pop music originated in the Western world.

B. Because it is soft and beautiful.

C. Westlife is a pop band.

D. Since the 1950s, pop has had some new elements.

102. “What’s your neighbourhood like?” - “____"

A. I live in Ha Noi. B. Sounds good. I lượt thích living there.

C. It’s good. I love it. D. No, there is no hospital there.

103. “It’s nearly Tct holiday already.” - “____”

A. How time flies! B. Thanks a million.

C. Don’t make u laugh! D. No such luck!

104. “You can borrow my book.” - “____”

A. There's nothing to lớn it! B. You can such that again!

C. No way! D. Thanks tons.

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105. “Excuse u. Could you tell u the way to lớn Central Station?” - “____”

A. Sure. Just go along this street. B. Oh no. This way will take us nowhere.

C. There is no way you can vì thế it. D. That's it! Thanks for your instruction!