you should take the train instead of the bus


1.Her (behave/behavior/behaved/behaving)towards u very strange

Bạn đang xem: you should take the train instead of the bus much is the car(makes/making/to make/made)in Japan

3.I tried my(good/best)not đồ sộ laugh

4.I left at 6 a.m(so as not đồ sộ be/so as not being/so as đồ sộ be)late

5.She went đồ sộ the market without(buy/to buy/buying)anything been)the coldest day in HN for 40 years in the countyside isn't expensive,and it isn't complex(too/either/neither/so)

8.Tim's teacher asked him đồ sộ spend more time(in/of/at/on)Spainish pronunciation

9.It took u a long time đồ sộ get used(to wear/to wearing/wear/wore)glasses

10.Would you mind(close/closing)the door?

11.will you pick me(on/over/up/through)after the party?

12.I've never seen such an interesting(performing/performer/performance/performed)

13.It's at least a month since(i last seen/i have last seen/i last saw)Tom

14.the new shopping mal is quite(different from/the same/like to/similar)the present shopping area

15. I lượt thích my sister house.It's a( new beautiful house/beautiful house new/beautiful new house)


the families in our street are slowly being driven mad by the refuse of the inhabitants of No.13 đồ sộ have any size of(communicate)with them.The trouble started over what is known as noise (pollute).Every evening,the(think)neighbors used đồ sộ turn up the volume on TV sánh loud that no one in the (neighbor)was able đồ sộ hear anything else.Not knowing what(act)to take,local residents held a meeting đồ sộ see if anyone had any(suggest)as đồ sộ know how đồ sộ giảm giá khuyến mãi worth the problem.A decision was(make)to send a number of people đồ sộ talk đồ sộ the family in No.13and ask them(polite)to turn their music down after six in the evening.Unfortunately,the visit did not turn out đồ sộ be(success),as the inhabitants of No.13 refused đồ sộ talk đồ sộ them.So on the(advise) of local police,the matter now is in the hands of court.


The country is...1.beautiful phàn nàn a town and more plesant đồ sộ live in.Many people think sánh,and go tho the county..2..the summer holiday though they can't live..3...all the year round.Some have cottage built in a village..4.....that they can go there whenever.5.........find the time.E villages are not alike,but....6.....some ways they are not very different from.....7....other.Almost every village.........8.......a church,the round or square tower of which can....9.....seen from many miles around.Surrounding the church is the church yard,...10 people are buried.


1.Dave/I/have/best holiday/our lives!

2.We/be/Barba/one/most lovely island/Caribe

3.Althougt/it/much/smaller/Jama/there seem/be /much more/do/Jama

4.Moreover/people here/seem/be/friendlier/those/other island

5.We/stay/most modern hotel/I/ever/seen

6.It/large/cool/and/many people/think/it/best hotel/island

7.It/comfortable/than/other hotels

8.Nearest beach/less/hundred metters/away


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BT6:chuyển quý phái câu bị động

1.Nobody has used this computer for a long time

2.the artist are painting a big picture in front of the Town Hall

3.IBerlin wrote the famous song"WhiC"

4.You should open the wine an hour before you use it

5.When i came,they were pulling down the old theater

b)))Chuyển quý phái con gián tiếp

1."Is there a cafe nearby"D said đồ sộ L

2."must you go now"they asked us

3."Don't go out alone at night"The household said đồ sộ me

4."What does your sister want đồ sộ study?"the man said đồ sộ me

5.Pete said:"my uncle is working in a building near the SS"

c)))điền giới từ

1.They haven't seen Mai .....Christmas

2.They named their son......their favorite singer

3.PN cave in VN is known.......a WHS

4.In our place it is very cold......night,but it's warm.....the day

BT7: thám thính lỗi sai và sửa

1.a chinese made paper đồ sộ wood pulp in the yare 105

2.the house hasn't been repaired since it built

3.the fore man warned the children not touch that button spent a long time đồ sộ travel đồ sộ the skiing resort but in the kết thúc we got there

5.Do you know how long did the Chirstmas tree come đồ sộ the USA?

BT8:viết lại câu dùng kể từ vô ngoặc

1.the table and the desk are the same size(big)

2.CL and her sister intend đồ sộ spend summer holidays in BL(going)

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3.could you tell u the way đồ sộ the O street,please?(mind)

4.His hobby is đồ sộ collect stamps(fond)

5.Anna said đồ sộ Mi:Would you lượt thích đồ sộ join u for dinner?(invited)